Odesk and Elance to merge with each other

Its time for a big news for freelancers, Odesk and Elance, two widely known freelancing companies are merging together. The news were rolled out on 20th Dec 2013 on social engines and their blogs, later a notification email was sent to all freelancers registered with these companies.

I have used both platforms and they have several things that differentiate them – personally i like odesk for its simple interface and a flat fee structure. Elance however charges for membership levels and isn’t as much user friendly as odesk have been. On the other hand, elance usually have better paying clients while you can easily pick lower paying jobs on odesk (most jobs are under budgeted).

Even though it has been stated that both websites will remain separate, but since elance CEO Fabio Rosati will become the CEO of the new company you can expect elance touch on odesk (membership structures, preferential bids etc).

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