What i did in 2013 & my plans for 2014

Its been quite a long time that i have been focusing on online products and working to develop solutions that work super fantastic for clients. This year Alhumdullilah has been extremely interesting as i got to work on several projects that added much to my skills and have refined my project management skills.

Due to tough schedule and continued deadlines i wasn’t able to work on expanding hosting services however referrals and word of mouth has increased revenue for me :). As long as the figures are concerned, 2013’s third quarter has been pretty fruitful in terms of efforts & outcome.

In 2014, i am looking forward to develop  niche sites and blogs that drives traffic and pushes by ad revenue stream – i hope i can make out time to work out this :). I am also working to launch blog (BloggingPad) where i can actively write articles regarding online skills and share experiences and tips regarding freelancing etc (still refining the ideas, final outcome might be different).

Along with all this, i have to wrap up web services branding. I have been thinking to do it lately but never kept in the priority list however this year my target is to do it by the end of first quarter.

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