Pak Web Bank becomes PWB Hosting

As i planned during 2013, i finally changed the branding of our web hosting services from Pak Web Bank to PWB Hosting. The same is the shorter version of the old name with a related keyword. I am sure this will help us make more sense with the services we are offering :)

There are many interesting things that i can across with old brand name (Pak Web Bank). I received regular emails and calls from people asking for load arrangements, remittance details etc and at times it was way hard to explain! Here is a guy wishing me birthday and than to the same question :D


What i did in 2013 & my plans for 2014

Its been quite a long time that i have been focusing on online products and working to develop solutions that work super fantastic for clients. This year Alhumdullilah has been extremely interesting as i got to work on several projects that added much to my skills and have refined my project management skills.

Due to tough schedule and continued deadlines i wasn’t able to work on expanding hosting services however referrals and word of mouth has increased revenue for me :). As long as the figures are concerned, 2013’s third quarter has been pretty fruitful in terms of efforts & outcome.

In 2014, i am looking forward to develop  niche sites and blogs that drives traffic and pushes by ad revenue stream – i hope i can make out time to work out this :). I am also working to launch blog (BloggingPad) where i can actively write articles regarding online skills and share experiences and tips regarding freelancing etc (still refining the ideas, final outcome might be different).

Along with all this, i have to wrap up web services branding. I have been thinking to do it lately but never kept in the priority list however this year my target is to do it by the end of first quarter.

Odesk and Elance to merge with each other

Its time for a big news for freelancers, Odesk and Elance, two widely known freelancing companies are merging together. The news were rolled out on 20th Dec 2013 on social engines and their blogs, later a notification email was sent to all freelancers registered with these companies.

I have used both platforms and they have several things that differentiate them – personally i like odesk for its simple interface and a flat fee structure. Elance however charges for membership levels and isn’t as much user friendly as odesk have been. On the other hand, elance usually have better paying clients while you can easily pick lower paying jobs on odesk (most jobs are under budgeted).

Even though it has been stated that both websites will remain separate, but since elance CEO Fabio Rosati will become the CEO of the new company you can expect elance touch on odesk (membership structures, preferential bids etc).

Waar movie

Finalllly! A milestone achieved by Pakistani film industry in the form of WAAR Movie (heading to some sensible production and screen works). Undoubtedly, its the finest film Pakistani film industry ever delivered.

There were several BHUNDS though, Shamoon and Meesha’s dance during the attack on police academy, the dance was in the evening while the attack was supposed to be the other morning (however mixing the two made the scene more intense). Second one i could see was during the final fight, Shamoon wore gloves in close camera shoot but missed them in the other camera angle – anyway we can leave these :). Apart from these, the entire film, casting and screening was amazing!! its a must watch film!!

Hiring someone is a difficult job

Hiring people to do work for you is a tough thing and this time it was all a mess when i thought of relying on freelance sites for finding the right guy for the job. A few days back, i posted a job on freelance websites odesk & freelancer to hire a freelancer for designing work.

While considering the experience of the applicants i got some funny work feedbacks and the best one is here :D.


How to keep hackers away

Recently i was working on a client’s request to debug & clean an infected website. I was amazed after reading the request note left on folder name for hacker. Screen capture will surely make you laugh :)

0  1319×701

This is so far the best way to ask a hacker, how he hacks!! One should surely try this way when there isn’t any other option available, “Dear hacker… :D

What i did in 2012

I was wondering about how quick last year passed by & started drilling back in time to flashback what i did in 2012. I was able to recall tons of customer tickets, emails that i responded to & countless calls – though i try avoiding calls and stick to email, can’t do anything on this :-) . Fortunately, i was able to manage hundreds of web hosting customers in 2012. Completed handful of web development projects, numerous code troubleshooting work, SEO assistance & consultations.

Since July 2012, i had been packed with work – still managed to spare time for friends & had fun Alhamdulillah.