Pak Web Bank becomes PWB Hosting

As i planned during 2013, i finally changed the branding of our web hosting services from Pak Web Bank to PWB Hosting. The same is the shorter version of the old name with a related keyword. I am sure this will help us make more sense with the services we are offering :)

There are many interesting things that i can across with old brand name (Pak Web Bank). I received regular emails and calls from people asking for load arrangements, remittance details etc and at times it was way hard to explain! Here is a guy wishing me birthday and than to the same question :D


Hiring someone is a difficult job

Hiring people to do work for you is a tough thing and this time it was all a mess when i thought of relying on freelance sites for finding the right guy for the job. A few days back, i posted a job on freelance websites odesk & freelancer to hire a freelancer for designing work.

While considering the experience of the applicants i got some funny work feedbacks and the best one is here :D.